The borrowing of ethnic references in 20th century clothing is intrinsically problematic. If art historians argue that art is always connoted with ideological intensions, fashion makes no exception. Especially in this postcolonial era, cultural and visual strategies are embedded in asymmetrical relationships between the represented ethnicities and the dominant Westerners. And as we reach a climax of … Continue reading


“Since clothing is inescapably a demonstration of identity, wearing clothes […] is inevitably a political act […].” (Ross 2008, 12) Clothing is a socially driven practice as it displays hierarchy and power structures. Rules from various empires established dress codes to exert control over their subjects, order civilians and secure social immobility: “clothing has been … Continue reading


The role of fashion images in the reinforcement of a biased Western gaze can take place both on garments and in fashion photography. The clothes we wear and endorsee are a means by which to express our sense of self and affiliation with our culture and ingroup. Thus, endorsing ethnic sartorial behaviours implies this double … Continue reading